Norbert Fimpel was born on 1st September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and grew up surrounded by music.
His father Richard was a painter, but also used to play the accordion in the “Miami” orchestra, and his mother Maxi was a backing vocalist in the same band.
They played mostly at German community parties.
At the annual German kermesse, which takes place in Villa Ballester, Norbert used to sit on the floor for hours listening to the different bands.
Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald were the first artists who called his attention.
Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and Oscar Peterson, among many others, were next on the list.
He took guitar lessons from age 8 to 13.
When he visited his grandparents` house, he used to sit at the piano for hours, playing “by ear”.
Then the sound of the saxophone caught his ear.
He had a clarinet at home (which belonged to his grandfather) and because clarinet and saxophone are somehow related, he started taking clarinet lessons, at the Ricordi Academy first, and then private lessons with Oscar Carvallo.
His first attempts on stage were as a member of school bands and with friends.
In 1989 he finally bought his first saxophone and started taking private lessons with Oscar Kreimer.
In December 1990 ALEJANDRO LERNER (famous argentine singer/songwriter) gave him his first opportunity as a professional musician.
He played in his band for 10 years, touring Argentina and South America many times.
At the same time, he formed the duo “Teclas & llaves” with his friend and keyboardist Cesar Prado, playing in hundreds of both public and private events.
In 1991 he met NICO POSSE MOLINA, with whom he recorded many jingles for radio and TV in the upcoming years.
In 1993 he played with PATRICIA SOSA (famous argentine singer) and was a guest musician with AIR SUPPLY in a couple of shows in Buenos Aires.
He also played with NICO POSSE MOLINA many times in the TV-shows “Sábado bus”, by Nicolás Repetto,  and “Cha cha cha”, by Alfredo Casero.
In December 1998 he met ROGER HODGSON, singer of the band SUPERTRAMP.
This first meeting would definitely change his professional life.
“I met Roger in a very peculiar way”
I remember that on the 30th October, at night, the phone rang at home. Lilo Drago, a person I didn’t know, told me that on next Thursday, the 3th of December, Roger Hodgson would be playing at a private show in “El Divino”, a disco in Buenos Aires.
He asked me if I would like to  play with him and of course I accepted.
He sent me the list of songs by fax and asked me to be at the place next Thursday at 6 pm.
I learnt all the solos and melodies that correspond to the saxophone and  went to the sound check very excited.
As I arrived there, I met Lilio, who told me: “Roger is coming son and let´s see if he´s “in a good mood” to hear you playing”
“In a good mood?” – I asked him, rather surprised.
“Yes”- he answered. “I saw him last week in the Opera Theatre and he came only with a drummer and a bass player, so I thought he could need a saxophonist”.
I got stuck and asked him: “But didn´t he ask for a saxophonist?.
“No, it was my idea, but be calm, he´s very nice…”
At this moment, I got very disappointed.
I was convinced that Roger had asked for a saxophone player and in fact it was just an idea, rather out of place, from a person I didn´t even know.
So I sat round there, hopeless and not even wanting to take my instruments of their boxes.
Finally, Roger arrived and after talking to Lilo he looked at me and told me to come to the stage.
I got my instruments ready and we started playing the songs on the list.
Roger was really satisfied and not only invited me to play with him in two shows, but also in his two performances at the Coliseo Theatre the following nights and accompany him in the rest of his tour through South America, playing in Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Costa Rica.“
In November 2000 Norbert was invited to be part of ROGER HODGSON’s “Open the door” tour in Europe.
In that tour, that took place in many cities of France, Belgium and Switzerland, Norbert played soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, as well as keyboards and harmonica.
“Sometimes life surprises you in wonderful ways. I remember being 18 and getting together with my friends on Fridays nights to listen to music.
One of the LPs that we used to listen more often was “Paris”, the live double disc by Supertramp, which I liked a lot. That was many years before I started taking saxophone lessons and I didn´t even dream of becoming a professional musician. And now I´m on tour with Roger Hodgson, playing classical songs like “The logical song”, “It’s raining again” and “Give a little bit”, among many others. The “turns in life…”
In April 2002 Norbert moved to Spain.
He joined the local musical setting vey fast.
In 2004 he was invited by ROGER HODGSON to play with him in “Night of the proms”.
In this mega-production, which was made up of 62 shows in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, he played with ROGER HODGSON, JAMES BROWN, JOE COCKER, JOHN MILES, CINDY LAUPER and TONY HADLEY (SPANDAU BALLET).
In April 2005 he became a member of JOE COCKER`s band, playing with him in the world tours “Heart & soul” (2005/06) and “Hymn for my soul” (2007/08), performing over 400 concerts in more than 30 countries, from Tasmania to Iceland.